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Warranty Information

  • 2 years

    2 Years Warranty

  • 30 days

    30 Days Return

Pulsar Gaming Gears Limited Warranty Policy

    A-1. The warranty services are offered by the seller, the terms may vary depending on the seller's Warranty Policy. This Warranty Policy only applies to product bought from stores operated directly by Pulsar Gaming Gears. (, Amazon and Newegg). If you bought from a different seller, you must contact them for any inquiries and refer to their terms.

    A-2. For any limited warranty claim, a valid proof of purchase and a serial number are required. A valid proof of purchase is defined as one of the following:

      A-2-A. Sales receipt/invoice

      A-2-B. Order number from online stores.

    A-3. If a serial number is no longer visible and forgotten or the proof of purchase is lost, warranty services may not be available, which is why it is recommended to save the information when receiving the product by registering the product's warranty.

    To register your warranty, go to :

    A-4. Different model may have different warranty policy or term. The warranty policy or term may differ from one region to another.

    A-5. The color and the appearance may differ depending on the product, and the specifications are subject to change without prior notice to improve the performance.

    A-6. The contents of this warranty information are subject to change without notice to improve quality.

    A-7. Customizing or modifying the product may void the warranty, you must request an authorization on

    A-8. Warranty services are only provided at the address and country of the original address. If you wish to return a product from a different address, you must request an authorization from us, and if you wish to return from a different country, you may have to pay for the shipping to the country of the address on your original order.

    A-9. Refunds may only be available through the original payment method used when placing the original order. If the refund through that method is not possible, the seller may offer an alternative compensation. The choice of the alternative compensation is selected by the seller and may include:

      A-9-A. A replacement of the same item or repairs

      A-9-B. A Replacement of a different item with similar value and specifications.

      A-9-C. A purchase gift card or discount coupon.

    A-10. When submitting a warranty coverage request, the customer may be required the following: An internet connection and a computer to submit required forms, a functional printer to print shipping labels, a video capturing device to submit evidence of defects, and measuring devices such as a precise scale and measuring tape. The requester may also be required to find a way to deliver a return package to the carrier's location if pickup is unavailable.

  • • 10 Days: Replacements DOA (Dead on Arrival), Missing Parts, Wrong Items, Missing Items

    B-1. Any defective items, wrong item, missing item, or missing component must be reported within 10 days after receiving your package by contacting Pulsar Gaming Gear Support. Contacting another company or another department/employee of the company does not count as a valid claim and may not be considered. Pulsar Gaming Gear can be contacted through our support website:

    B-2. The 10 day warranty guarantees that the Pulsar Gaming Gear will replace (Not refund) the product and cover the replacement's shipping related expenses of a defective product. Even if the product is defective and the customer changes his mind about the purchase, a refund option is not available. If the customer changes their mind about the purchase, the seller may not cover the return fees. In that case, the warranty terms applied are the 30 Days policy terms.

    B-2. Only if the product is not available for replacements (Ex New Launches, Limited editions), the products may have to be fully refunded instead of a replacement.

    B-3. You should include pictures of the package as you received it, including the outer packaging and the labels.

    B-4. Your user manual or product page on the web will show inclusive item list.

    B-5. Pulsar Gaming Gears is not responsible for the shipping damages reported after ten (10) days period.

    B-6. For orders made on our other stores such as Amazon, Pulsar EU, Pulsar JP, Pulsar KR or Newegg, you must refer to the store's warranty, the terms on this page only apply to orders made on

    B-7. Pulsar Gaming Gears assumes no responsibility for any products lost or stolen after delivery confirmation by the carrier. The customer bears full responsibility for any loss or physical damage incurred subsequent to product delivery.

    B-8. If the customer refuses a package or provides inaccurate shipping information and the product is returned to the seller, the customer is responsible for the additional shipping expenses. If Pulsar Gaming Gears receives the package, the customer is eligible for a refund, however, the original shipping fees will not be refunded, and the additional return shipping fees will be deducted from the final refund.

    B-9. If a shipping company fails to deliver the item due to incorrect shipping information, and the package is sent back to the sender, Pulsar Gaming Gears can attempt to send the product again. If the original provided address was accurate and is used again, the customer will not be required to pay the additional shipping fees. However, if the customer requests a change in the shipping information, the customer is responsible for the additional shipping expenses.

    B-10. If the customer refuses to pay the related import fees and taxes, or fails to pay the taxes within the required deadline, the product will be returned to Pulsar Gaming Gears or destroyed. If Pulsar Gaming Gears receives the package, the customer is eligible for a refund, however, the original shipping fees will not be refunded, and the additional return shipping fees and the unpaid customs duties or other taxes will be deducted from the final refund. If the price product (excl. taxes) is lower than the sum of the return shipping fees and the unpaid custom duties or other taxes, the product will be destroyed and the customer will not be refunded.

    B-11. If a product is held in customs clearance due to a customer request or a delay in the customer's cooperation, the customer will be held responsible for any expenses related to the handling and storage of the package.

  • • 30 Days: Return and Refunds

    1. C-1. The procedure will depend on where you bought the product, how long it has been since you received the product and the type of issue related to your product. Information about the procedure can be found on this article:

      C-2. The following only applies to products purchased from

      C-3. Refunds only include the price of the item, not the shipping. Customers must ship the products to the seller's available warehouses and by their own means, and the cost of shipping is not covered. Products can be returned for any reasons.

      C-4. Restocking fees only apply if a component is missing, has visible signs of usage, or has a damaged part. Any damaged or missing part (Including the original PTFE feet on mice) may be deducted from the refund, for more information on the price of each part, contact the seller. The refund is processed only after the product has been inspected.

      C-5. The customer is responsible for any issues during the return delivery of the item, and the customer must be able to provide a proof that the item has been delivered to the seller's warehouse (Ex: Courrier tracking information)

      C-6. Return requests must be made on within 30 days after the date of original order's delivery, and items must be shipped within 45 days after the original order's delivery.

      C-7. Consumable products (Defined below) are not eligible for returns if the packaging has been opened.

      For more information on the procedure, please consult our frequently asked questions (FAQ) below:

  • • 2 Years: Repairs

    1. D-1. This applies to product purchased from any online store directly operated by (Including Amazon and Newegg). Warranty Terms for purchases made on other websites may differ, and are provided by them.

      D-2. After 10 days, defective items are not refunded or replaced, but the seller will maintain and repair products during 2 years after the purchase date.

      D-3. Only if the seller is unable to repair the item, the seller may offer the option to send a replacement.

      D-4. Only if the seller is unable to both repair or replace the item, the seller may offer the option of a refund.

      D-5. During the process, the customer must not pay any shipping fees, because shipping fees that are not included in the premade labels provided by the seller will not be refunded to the customer.

      D-6. The customer will not be asked to pay any additional fees during the process except the time and costs of contacting the seller, printing the label, packing a product and commuting to Postal offices.

      D-7. The shipping fees will only be paid by the seller in the form of pre-paid shipping labels.

    2. Repairs:

      E-1. The customer must provide evidence of the defect and report it to the seller

      E-2. The customer must try make sure that the product is defective before sending it for repairs, and the seller will provide a list of tests that the customer must try to confirm the defect.

      E-3. If the seller receives a product that is not defective, or fixed by doing any of the tests requested during, the customer must pay for the shipping to the repair center and back to the customer.

      E-4. During repairs, any accessories that was not included on the original product may be discarded if necessary, during the disassembly and repair operation. Any component on the item that will be damaged during the operation (Ex PTFE Feet) will be replaced with new stock ones.

      E-5. For some discontinued products or new products, Pulsar Gaming Gears may not be able to repair the units, in that case, refunds or replacements may be the only option offered.

      E-6. If a product is sent for repairs 3 times or more, it may go through a long-term testing phase. The length of the testing phase is undetermined and will depend on the nature of the product and common issues related. The purpose of the testing phase is to ensure that the product does not develop issues that develop over time. The testing phase consists of several repeated quality controls with intervals.

      E-7. Pulsar Gaming Gear does not offer temporary replacement or loaner products during the repair process.

      E-8. If the part of the product where the serial number is written needs to be replaced during the repair process, the serial number may have to be substituted to a different one.

      E-9. If the serial number is no longer visible on the item, it may have to be substituted with a new one.

      Replacement parts:

      F-1. The seller may offer the option to send the customer replacement parts in specific circumstances.

      F-2. If the customer agrees to receive replacement parts, the decision is irrevocable and the customer will lose its right to send the product for repairs for that specific issue.

      F-3. Successfully repairing a product with provided replacement parts will not void the warranty, however any parts damaged during the operation will not be covered by the warranty.

      F-4. Any unauthorized modification or customization of the products may partially or fully void the warranty. Authorization requests are made by contacting the seller.

      For information on repair timelines, filing warranty claims, or any inquiries about the repairs process, please consult our frequently asked questions (FAQ) section below:

  • • Limitations of Liability




    G-4. Some states or jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages or allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitations may not apply to You. This Agreement gives You specific legal rights and You may have other rights which vary from state to state, jurisdiction to jurisdiction or province to province. Rev.0413 PN: 46.AD159.003 5

  • • Consumables

    H-1. The items referred to as consumables include all products that have a one-time use or that can degrade over time and usage. Consumables also include clothing such as Arm Sleeves or T-shirts.

    H-2. These include the following: Grip Tapes, Micro-bungee, Mouse PTFE feet, Superglide Glass feet, Mousepads, Arm Sleeves

    H-3. Consumable products are not eligible for returns after the package has been opened unless they were received defective and reported within 10 days

  • • Post-Warranty Repairs/Out of Warranty)

    I-1. For products that have exceeded their original warranty period, voided warranties or lost warranties, Pulsar Gaming Gears can offer post-warranty repair and replacement paid services. Should you require such services, please connect with our dedicated support team through

    I-2. Post-warranty services are subject to charges. These include the price of the replacement parts as well as the labor and service fees. These will depend on the product and the issue.

    I-3. All shipping fees, both for sending the product to our service center in South Korea and for its return to the customer, will not be covered under this service. Additionally, the requester is required to provide the shipping labels.

    I-4. Pulsar Gaming Gears cannot guarantee the feasibility of repairs, as they may not possess the necessary equipment or replacement parts for all of their products.

  • • Limited Warranty Term

    J-1. This limited warranty does not cover software or non-Pulsar Gaming Gears branded products.

    J-2. Consumables are not covered by this limited warranty.

    J-3. If the Product becomes DOA, Defective, Abnormality or Malfunction during the warranty period Pulsar Gaming Gear will, at its option, repair or replace the Product. Pulsar Gaming Gears may use new or reconditioned components or parts to repair the Product or replace the Product with a new or reconditioned Product of the same or functionally equivalent model.

    J-4. Pulsar Gaming Gears reserves the right to verify the validity of your warranty and your request for warranty service.

    J-5. Pulsar Gaming Gears reserves the right to invoice you for shipping fees and service charges for any incomplete, damaged or modified Product that is returned to Pulsar Gaming Gears and requires repair or replacement or that is not otherwise covered under this Limited Warranty. Service charges are variable based upon the actual material and labor cost reasonably necessary to replace missing or return modified parts to their original factory condition.

    J-6. Products sent in for warranty service will be repaired and returned or replaced with a thoroughly tested recertified product of equal or greater performance. Pulsar Gaming Gears may use new, used or reconditioned parts, if permitted by the terms.

    J-7. This Pulsar Gaming Gears Limited Warranty begins from the date that the Product was originally purchased, as verified by a proof of purchase provided and/or confirmed by an Authorized Reseller.

    J-8. Replacement parts and/or Products may include new or refurbished parts or Products and are warranted only until the expiration of the original warranty period. Replacement parts and/or Products will meet the standard of performance and reliability of a new Product or part of the same model, however, such Products and/or parts may have small scratches, small dents, other cosmetic defects, or noticeable use.

  • • Excluded Circumstances

      K-1. This Limited Warranty does not apply to any of the following:

    1. 1. Removed, revised, defaced, or damaged warranty seals and/or original factory serial numbers.
    2. 2. Custom Mod, Custom painted products. (Modification made anyway, anywhere by you or unauthorized service provider)
    3. 3. Damage resulting from improper installation, including, but not limited to, incorrect or insufficient electric power supply.
    4. 4. Defects resulting from long-term improper use.
    5. 5. Damage (including cosmetic damage such as scratches, spots, or dents), failure, loss, or personal injury due to misuse, abuse, negligence, improper maintenance, and storage, or acts of nature.
    6. 6. Damage incurred while being transported or moved by the customer.
    7. 7. Damage resulting from infection or installation of illegal software.
    8. 8. Damages caused by servicing not authorized by Pulsar Gaming Gears.
    9. 9. Damages caused by a product or part that has been modified to alter functionality or capability without the written permission of Pulsar Gaming Gears.
    10. 10. Damages caused by usage that is not in accordance with product instructions or user manuals, failure to follow the product instruction or user manuals or failure to perform cleaning or preventative maintenance
    11. 11. Uninterrupted or error-free operation of the product
    12. 12. Any equipment or components that were not included in your product as originally sold to you
    13. 13. Loss of Data
    14. 14. Normal wear and tear
    15. 15. Minor imperfection that meets design specifications
    16. 16. Cosmetic damage or exterior finish that does not affect functionality including but not limited to scratched or cracked visible surface.
    17. 17. Misuse of product, no receipt/confirmation, Invalid Purchase or No communication can void any warranty service.
    18. 18. Damage due to water
    19. 19. Damage due to connected devices or components that is not Pulsar Gaming Gears branded product.
    20. 20. 2nd Hand products. (Purchased as “used” from 3rd party)
  • • Definition of Defective, Abnormality and Malfunctions.

    1. L-1. Visible damage on the products or missing parts.
    2. L-2. Does not power on, simply not working at all.
    3. L-3. Safety concerns
    4. L-4. Model name does not match with shipment (Please check with your reseller first)
    5. L-5. Does not function properly advertised.
    6. L-6. The information provided on the packaging should not be considered as advertisements, except for in-store purchases. Advertisements are only defined as the contents displayed on our official website. Please be advised that any mistakes or typos on the packaging will not be eligible for a warranty claim.
    7. L-7. Weight, dimensions and battery capacity can differ from one product to another and the difference is not a reason eligible for warranty claims. The distance between the markings of the ES2 Aim Trainer mousepad are not exactly 1cm and can vary depending on the environment. The inaccuracy of the designs from one model to another does not constitute a reason eligible for warranty claims.

    L-8. Regarding our Keyboards product line, it's important to note that the mechanical switches used are consumable components, meaning they have a finite lifespan. These switches do come with a specified stroke life. Additionally, it's possible that Keyboards products could incorporate switches from various manufacturers. However, rest assured that these switches are guaranteed to function as intended throughout their advertised lifetime. For more specific information, we encourage you to visit the product page on our website. for your model switch life. The Switches are under warranty during the its life time.

  • • Criteria for Mouse Physical Defects

    1. M-1. Standard Actuation Locations for Mouse Clicks: The following criteria apply specifically when the click is actuated at the normal location of actuation. For M1 and M2 buttons, the normal actuation location is aligned with the scroll wheel lengthwise and at the center of the click shell widthwise. For other buttons, the normal actuation location is situated at the symmetrical center of each respective button.
    2. M-2. Pre-travel Defect: Pre-travel refers to the distance between the click shell's untouched static state and the point of click actuation. In our warranty policy, if the pre-travel distance exceeds 1mm, it is classified as a defect. We consider such cases as deviations from the optimal functionality and strive to ensure customer satisfaction by addressing and resolving any pre-travel defects encountered with our mouse products.
    3. M-3. Post-travel: post-travel is the distance between the actuation of the switch and the point where the shells come in contact. In our warranty policy, if the post-travel distance exceeds 1mm, it is deemed a defect. Additionally, if the overall travel distance (pre-travel + post-travel) exceeds 1.5mm, it is also considered defective. Our commitment is to provide mice with optimal post-travel performance, ensuring seamless interaction and precise functionality for our customers.
    4. M-4. Pre-travel/Post-travel Comparison Defect: In assessing mouse defects, we also consider the comparison between pre-travel and post-travel distances. If the difference in travel between one click and another exceeds 50%, it is deemed a defect. It's important to note that the specific distances will vary depending on the models and implemented switches. However, differences in travel between different mouse models do not justify a defect. Our goal is to ensure consistent and balanced pre-travel/post-travel performance for optimal user experience.
    5. M-5. Actuation Force Criteria: Actuation force is defined as the force required to actuate the switch and emit an input signal. Our warranty policy specifies the following defect limits based on button types: For M1 and M2 buttons, the defect limit is set at 100 gf (gram-force). For the scroll wheel and other buttons, the defect limit is set at 200 gf. In addition, if the difference in actuation force between M1 and M2 buttons exceeds 50g, it is also considered defective.
    6. M-6. Noise Defects: To ensure a high-quality user experience, our warranty policy addresses sound intensity and noise-related defects in the following manner: Sound Intensity: A switch is considered defective if the sound intensity exceeds 55 dB (decibels). We acknowledge that excessive noise can be disruptive and impact user satisfaction. Therefore, if you notice sound levels above this threshold during regular use, it is considered a defect and eligible for warranty coverage. Difference between M1 and M2: Additionally, if there is a difference of over 20 dB between the sound produced by M1 and M2 buttons (noticeable through a phone microphone), it is considered a defect. We aim to provide consistent sound profiles across buttons to ensure a harmonious user experience. Extraneous Noise: Any noises exceeding 20 dB (noticeable through a phone microphone) originating from non-utilitarian parts of the mouse, such as shell noises, click squeaking, or grinding noises, are considered defects as they affect the performance of the product.
    7. M-7. Temperature: If a battery is over 60 C degrees, or a mouse/keyboard surface is over 50 C degrees and is not exposed to a direct source of heat, it is defective.
    8. M-8. Double-click: A mouse switch is considered defective if it double-clicks at more than 9ms debounce rate. Customers may be required to submit a video test result using a double-click test, showing debounce settings.
    • • Battery Warranty

      N-1. The battery is considered defective if it performs less than 80% of the advertised capacity. The advertised capacity is the number of usage hours calculated with minimum settings (e.g., for mice: DPI Led off, Polling rate 125Hz) from a full charge (3 hours) until the product turns off completely.

      N-2. The battery display estimation on the Software is not a reliable and accurate indication of the battery status.

      N-3. Battery lifetime will deteriorate over time due to structural electrode disordering, losing up to 20% its capacity after 2 years of usage.

      N-4. Damage caused by the following causes are not eligible for warranty coverage:

      • N-4-1. Reduced battery due to normal decline
      • N-4-2. Wrong charger used
      • N-4-3. Problems or damage caused by self- or unofficial repairs, disassembly, unauthorized specification changes, or unofficial parts.
      • N-4-4. The product serial number is damaged and unreadable, or proof of purchase cannot be provided.
      • N-4-5. Water damage damaged internal battery wiring/connectors, excessive oxidation and rust of electronic components caused by liquid penetration.
      • N-4-6. Other Abnormal Use Rechargeable Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) Battery
    • N-5. Batteries are consumables. Over time, lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries experience a natural decrease in capacity due to continuous chemical reactions.

      N-6. The capacity of lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries will decrease with regular use.

      N-7. Under normal usage conditions and ambient temperature (25℃), the lifespan of a lithium-ion battery is approximately one year of charging and discharging, after which the capacity drops below 80% of the original capacity.

      N-8. Battery life varies based on several factors, including system design, power consumption, program and operating system usage, power management settings, and user preferences.

      N-9. Operating the battery under extreme temperatures or in abnormal conditions can significantly reduce battery life by 60% or more.

      N-10. The discharge rate of the battery depends on the software running on the device and the power management settings.

      N-11. After prolonged use, the battery may undergo slight swelling under specific conditions. This swelling does not pose any safety concerns.

      N-12. The battery charging starting capacity (%) is typically set between 90% and 99%, although actual values may vary by model.

      N-13. Charging or storing batteries at high temperatures can lead to permanent capacity loss and accelerate the reduction of battery life. The battery protection program may limit or halt charging if the temperature is too high or overheated.

      N-14. After prolonged use, the battery may undergo slight swelling under specific conditions. This swelling does not pose any safety concerns.

      N-15. Swollen batteries do not present a safety concern but should be replaced and disposed of correctly. When replacing a swollen battery, do not dispose of it in household waste.

    • • Keyboard Switches

      O-1. Mechanical keyboard switches are considered consumable products due to their constant usage and inevitable wear. As with other consumable items, such as ink cartridges or batteries, it is normal for the switches to undergo changes in spring pressure and key feel over time. These changes are to be expected and do not indicate a defect or malfunction.

      O-2. In the case of a hot swappable keyboard, if any of the switches are found to be defective, they are not covered by the warranty. As mentioned earlier, mechanical keyboard switches are considered consumable products, and their replacement falls under the responsibility of the user. The warranty covers manufacturing defects and malfunctions in other components of the keyboard but excludes the switches due to their nature as consumables. Therefore, it is the user's responsibility to replace any defective switches in a hot swappable keyboard. We recommend consulting the product manual or reaching out to the manufacturer for guidance on the proper replacement process.