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In the dynamic world of esports, where competition thrives and talent shines, we are thrilled to announce our active sponsorship of various esports events and teams. Recognizing the incredible potential and the passionate community within this rapidly growing field, we aim to support and elevate the esports ecosystem. Our commitment extends beyond financial support; it's about fostering talent, providing opportunities for growth, and contributing to the development of a sustainable and exciting future for esports athletes and enthusiasts around the globe.

VCT Pacific | Pulsar Logo

Pulsar is immensely proud to announce its role as an official partner of the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) Pacific 2024. This partnership symbolizes more than just a collaboration; it represents Pulsar's deep commitment to the esports community and its dedication to fostering an environment where talent and passion for gaming can flourish. By aligning with the VCT Pacific, Pulsar is at the forefront of supporting a platform that not only showcases some of the most thrilling esports competitions globally but also contributes significantly to the growth and development of the esports ecosystem. This partnership is a testament to Pulsar's belief in the power of esports to connect, entertain, and inspire people worldwide, and we are excited to be part of the journey, celebrating every moment of triumph and perseverance in the VALORANT Champions Tour Pacific.

Team Secret
Team Secret x Pulsar Logo

Team Secret® is a global esports brand that strives to bring together the best players, to compete on the world's biggest stages, and put forth the most entertaining experience for our fans.

We are passionately committed to building the esports community, and rely on a simple but winning philosophy - focus on cultivating the positive culture that is critical to success in team based esports. The Team Secret™ organization drives forward this philosophy by providing advertising and promotional sponsorship, talent and team development, business management, coaching, and support to players both professional and aspiring, who compete in esports.

Pulsar has partnered with Team Secret's VALORANT Team for the 2024 season as the Official Mouse & Keyboard Partner.

PRX team
PRX x Pulsar Logo

Paper Rex is an Esports organization centered in Asia-Pacific, and headquartered in Singapore. Founded in 2020, we are built at the crossroads of entertainment, competitive esports, and merchandise. Currently competing in VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) Pacific, the Paper Rex VALORANT team is among the world’s top performing teams, having won the inaugural VCT Pacific 2023 and finished second at the VALORANT Champions Los Angeles as well as third at the VALORANT Masters Tokyo in 2023.

Pulsar has partnered with Paper Rex for the 2024 season as the Official Mouse & Keyboard Partner of Choice for Paper Rex.

T1 team
T1 x Pulsar Logo

T1 Entertainment & Sports is a global esports joint venture that owns and operates the ultra-successful T1 League of Legends (LoL) Champions Korea (LCK) team, along with Valorant teams in competitive gaming. Building upon the rich legacy of SKT T1, T1 aims to expand its teams globally, celebrate new victories, and create even more opportunities for fans to embrace T1’s gaming culture, content, and players worldwide.

Pulsar has partnered with T1's VALORANT Team for the 2024 season as the Official Partner.

Essential Gear for Pro Gamers

Xlite V3 eS Gaming Mouse

Xlite V3 eS Gaming Mouse

Ergonomic right hand | OLED Display

X2H eS Gaming Mouse

X2H eS Gaming Mouse

High Hump Symmetrical | OLED Display

eS2 esports grade gaming mousepad

ES2 eSports Mousepad

Medium to high speed

es esports arm sleeve

ES eSports Arm Sleeve

Quick Drying | Reduce Friction